Research: Grime bandits

Research: Grime bandits

New research conducted by has revealed the hygiene ratings of independent fast food and takeaway restaurants within a one-mile radius of 25 different towns and cities across the UK. These types of premises have become a staple feature for diners across the nation. Aside from the price it’s often the character and authenticity that these outlets embody that entices customers. With such influences swaying potential purchasers, they often overlook or forget to consider the hygiene and cleanliness of the outlets they choose to eat from.

Michael from Leicester, who was interviewed as part of the study, said: “When I usually get a takeaway, I think about the type of food I fancy and the price. As long as they have what I am looking for and the prices are reasonable, I don’t really consider anything else. I don’t often consider the hygiene and I wouldn’t question it because you put your trust in them to have the highest standards.” identified pizza, kebab, chicken, Chinese, Indian, and fish and chip outlets as being the most popular options for fast food and takeaway. The hygiene rating for each outlet from their latest inspection was verified using the Food Standards Agency.

Overall, a total of 742 independent fast food and takeaway outlets were reviewed for the research. The findings revealed that eight out the 22 towns and cities reviewed have at least one independent fast food and takeaway outlet within a one-mile radius of their city centre with a hygiene rating of ‘0 Urgent Improvement Necessary’.

Astonishingly, major cities such as Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester have a high proportion of independent outlets within a one-mile radius of their city centre with a hygiene rating of ‘1 Major Improvement Necessary’. Cities such as Leeds, Northampton and Norwich are only marginally better with most of the independent fast food and takeaway outlets achieving a hygiene rating of ‘3 Generally Satisfactory’. Bristol, Lincoln and Plymouth are the locations where independent fast food and takeaway outlets are truly excelling in high hygiene standards with the majority attaining the best possible rating of ‘5 Very Good’.

Tomas Zalatoris, CEO of, commented: “While the majority of independent fast food and takeaway outlets are excelling at maintaining hygiene at the heart of their business, there are many others that are failing to do so. With consumers trusting these outlets and hoping they will continue to thrive, hygiene should certainly be a high priority. Independent outlets should repay the faith by ensuring all aspects of their establishment are carefully monitored and thoroughly looked after to constantly achieve high standards.

“Consumers obviously expect the quality of food and condition of the outlets they eat from to be, at the very least, satisfactory. The fact that some outlets are failing to even meet this basic level should push them to work hard to drastically improve their standards.”