National Breakfast Awards

National Breakfast Awards

Why did you enter the awards?
I was looking for something to test myself as a chef, and when the email came through about entering, I knew straight away that this was the challenge I was looking for.

Tell us about your winning smoothie. How did you come up with it?
I like a smoothie to be healthy but also taste good. I combined raspberries, lime, coconut, maple syrup, pinhead oats, and coconut milk. This gave a zesty berry bang in a glass. We are now serving it in the cafe and folks are loving it.

How do you stay calm when competing under pressure?
You just have to stay focused on what you are doing. It’s a lot like doing service on a busy day anyway; you just crack on with what you need to do.

Did you expect to win? What did you think of the standard?
I was just so chuffed to be selected that it didn’t matter if I won anything. I was just delighted to be cooking alongside so many talented chefs from around the country.

Did you enjoy the event?
I loved the event and would recommend it for any chef looking for a challenge and a bit of fun.

How did it feel when your name was read out?
Complete shock! It didn’t really sink in until we driving home to Scotland.