Street food focus: Mother Clucker

Street food focus: Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker specialises in “tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice battered fried chicken”.

 Based out of a distinctive converted US Army ambulance that is parked by the Truman Brewery in (where else?) Shoreditch, Mother Clucker has also flown the roost to a number of other prominent London locations, including trading at KERB and Street Feast.

How much?
 Three chicken strips with an accompaniment of cheese fries comes in at £11.

The menu says:
“Three tea brined, buttermilk dredged fried breast strips.“

The hype says: 
Halal Food Guy: “Quite simply, it’s the most tender, juicy, delicious and BEST fried chicken I’ve ever had”; Time Out: “These soul food specialists do crispy, spicy coating and tender, juicy chicken like no-one else”; a customer review on TripAdvisor: “The fried chicken and fries are the best you will have anywhere.“

We say: 
Despite living in what is possibly THE world mecca for fried chicken, the news that Street Feast’s Lewisham location is reopening for summer is enough to get me winging my way over to sample what is reputed to be the Mother of all poultry providers. If you haven’t visited the Model Market, unlike Street Feast’s other slightly more staid purpose-built locations, this ultra-urban eatery has regenerated an old disused precinct, with the vendors serving up from inside the old shops.

As the food is served over the counter in this wonderfully vibrant setting, I also opt for a drizzling of mayo and hot sauce that makes my meal almost as appetising for the eye as it is for the stomach. And on tasting it I can immediately see why it is was recently rated as the sixth best London street food business by Time Out. The chicken is as tender as it is tasty, while totally eschewing the cloying greasiness that can often taint this dish. Definitely one to try if you haven’t already – a trip to Mother Clucker should be right at the top of your pecking order.

Should you believe the hype?
Definitely – Mother Clucker easily outranks The Colonel and his army of imitators.