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In this line of work, as I’m sure many who are employed in the industry will agree, it’s sometimes hard to be good when it comes to making food choices. As well as the meals, which often come with liquid accompaniment, that we are sometimes obliged to enjoy while we are out and about, it really starts to feel like a losing battle when free food samples are also regularly delivered direct to your door.

This may be a somewhat extreme example, but there is no doubt that the 24/7/365 availability of a wide variety of options these days clearly contributes to the obesity epidemic, via our hardwired evolutionary instinct to top up our calorie count almost as often as possible. It’s worth remembering sometimes that, just because the option to eat is there, it’s actually okay to be a bit hungry occasionally.

The experts at honing in on this disposition to dine, though, are the fast food outlets, and Burger King has recently zoomed in on one of the few places where you would think that you might be safe from temptation: while stuck in a traffic jam. The chain recently conducted a pilot scheme in Mexico City whereby stranded motorists were able to order food via an app, with their fast food being zoomed by motorcycle through what’s said to be the most congested city in the world direct to the somewhat captive audience.

With the Traffic Jam Whopper App having increased sales by 63% during the trial, the scheme is now being extended to other locations. Having fought on the frontline of readily available food while at work for the past nine years now, part of me hopes that the UK’s zero tolerance policy when it comes to handling smartphones while at the wheel will divert an initiative that could make our arteries as clogged as our roads should it receive the green light.