SPONSORED STORY: Coffetek: Coffee passion

SPONSORED STORY: Coffetek: Coffee passion

Coffetek Limited, has achieved an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of beverage dispense systems. Our machines are known for their simplicity, reliability and technology. Our constant pursuit of innovation has received industry recognition with multiple awards and now we are able to offer one of the most comprehensive refreshment solutions in the world with distribution throughout Europe, America and Australasia.

Good coffee is essential when the hospitality industry evaluates customer satisfaction. But it is not just about coffee.

As an example, breakfast service at a hotel requires not only quality, but also speed during peak periods, whilst ensuring an intuitive user experience, attractive design and simple operation. The Vitro Series ensures dynamic and quick services, thanks to its intuitive, one-click selection process. The combination of drink images, sound and LEDs ensures customers always get the drink they want. The Vitro delivers coffee, milk, fresh-brew tea; hot water for infusions, chocolate… Just about anything!

That’s why every Vitro development is focussed on extracting the best possible coffee according to contemporary tastes, to provide the consumer with the perfect coffee experience.
Productivity, consistency and one-click ordering make Vitro the ideal solution to satisfy the most discerning customers whilst minimizing operational hurdles. Quality in cup is enhanced by sophisticated design and an intuitive sound and light guided user experience. With Vitro, you can offer premium beverages at Quick Service Restaurants, pubs and Catering outlets that can be enjoyed in-situ or on the go.

For high capacity requirements the XL series provides high quality, high volume coffee fast and on demand. Providing up to 4.5L of coffee in 15 seconds, the XL requires no prior brewing or setup and has zero waste, the perfect solution for banqueting and conferences.


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