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Street food focus: Bread & meat

Street food focus: Bread & meat

What? The Philly cheesesteak.

Bread & meat sells ‘roast meat sandwiches in the heart of Cambridge’ via its one outlet housed in a small 17th century listed building.

How much? 

The menu says: ‘Slow-cooked beef brisket, unpasteurised cheese curds, green peppers and onions, garlic aioli.‘

The hype says:
 TripAdvisor: “The Philly cheesesteak was genuinely the best sandwich I have ever had”; Facebook: “The king of sandwiches. Probably the best I’ve ever had”; The Cambridge Student: “This venture is shaking up the Cambridge food scene.“

We say: 

Despite its cosmopolitan outlook, huge student population and general affluence, Cambridge isn’t a city that is exactly replete with street food options. One big exception, though, is ‘Meat Street’, where there is a real congregation of carnivorous dining. And the best outlet on what is also sometimes known as Bene’t Street is Bread & Meat, which is rated as being Camdridge’s best street food option by TripAdvisor.
Typical of the famous university city’s somewhat old fashioned outlook, though, the fare here is still fairly traditional. The bowl options pair the roasted meats with potato and salad, and sadly they look better than they actually taste. The meat can’t be faulted – though the slightly bland accompaniments, compounded by the lack of appropriate condiments, unfortunately can.
The most ‘street food’ dish, though, is the cheesesteak – and happily, on this front, this sandwich specialist really delivers. The go-slow approach that was clearly applied to the brisket’s development certainly pays off, in not only taste but texture too, as it is so soft that it tears at a similar consistency to its ciabatta container. Add in the melted cheese and the fried peppers and onions, and this dish also illustrates that the owners can excel at more than just the two main ingredients that it advertises proudly ‘on the tin’.

Should you believe the hype? 
Definitely. This represents a great offer in any city, let alone one as street food-starved as Cambridge. And, when you really get down to the meat of the matter, B&M’s take on the classic Philly sandwich staple is undoubtedly the big cheese on the menu.