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SPONSORED STORY: Speed and Consistency most important factors

SPONSORED STORY: Speed and Consistency most important factors

Fast speeds, consistency and the ability to fit into even the smallest of spaces are the three key requirements for today’s cooking equipment.

“The thriving food-to-go market is, as the name suggests, tremendously fast paced! Gone are the days where a standard sandwich that takes a long time to make will suffice. Modern consumers want variety, quality and super quick speed from their on-the-move hot food purchases. For many operators turning around hot food in super quick time can be difficult, particularly whilst also ensuring the highest food quality. However, for food-to-go concept Bagelman, meeting fast-paced consumer demand is simple thanks to the help of Merrychef and their state-of-the-art Merrychef eikon®e2s, as Lyn Tyler, Operations manager at Bagelman, comments:

“Bringing Merrychef into the business has not only eliminated three pieces of equipment; a toaster, a grill and a microwave, but it has also given us consistency. Since using the Merrychef e2s we have been able to reduce the wait time for our customers and can also consider developing smaller outlets as the footprint of the machine itself is a lot smaller than the last oven we used.”

Likewise, independent coffee shop, Zoran’s, has been able to improve their hot food-to-go service thanks to the addition of the Merrychef eikon® e1s as founder Zoran Jokic explains:

“Since using the e1s, we have been able to reduce cooking times for food-to-go dishes by a about 90%! In fact, most of the dishes we cook in the e1s take under 2 minutes. This means that with preparing and wrapping time, orders are ready to be served in just 3 minutes. As well as this, the Merrychef e1s also ensures food consistency. I can cook the same dish, over and over again, and it will always come out the same.”

This guarantee of consistency, speed and quality is thanks to the Merrychef unique combination of three heat technologies – convection, tuned impingement and microwave – which allows for cooking times up to 20x faster (e2s high power models) than conventional ovens.

Featuring pioneering easyTouch® technology with an icon driven touch screen, Merrychef eikon® models are also extremely simple to operate, allowing staff of any skill level to produce professional food results without the need for excessive training. It also helps to overcome any language barriers, helps to limit operating errors and reduces food wastage. Arriving with popular, pre-programmed menus ranging from wraps, French Fries, pastries and more, Merrychef eikon® models allow operators to cook a wide variety of menu items at the touch of an icon.

For further flexibility, operators can also pre-programme their Merrychef unit with bespoke menu profiles meaning operators can adapt their high-speed oven according to their existing menu. Once created, bespoke menu items can then be downloaded across multiple outlets via a USB memory stick.

Complete with a sleek, UL certified ventless design which boasts best-in-class cavity to footprint ratio (12” cavity in a 14” footprint), the Merrychef eikon® e2s is ideal for any operator that is looking to tap into the thriving food-to-go trend without taking up significant space. Furthermore, for those looking to minimise energy spend, Merrychef also reigns supreme with both the e1s and e2s using less than 0.7kWh in standby mode.

For further information on the Merrychef eikon® e2s and the Merrychef range of ovens, please click here or call Tel: 01483 464901