A coffee break with...

A coffee break with...

Hewad Habibullah, founder, Tru

Tru is a new healthy fast-casual concept that launched on Chancery Lane in London recently. Designed with health and wellbeing in mind, customers can enjoy fresh food-to-go, as well as an eat-in menu, in a chic, modern setting.

What does your job typically entail?
I’m responsible for ensuring Tru’s operations, marketing, branding, and financials are all in place. Daily tasks range from sourcing ingredients to overseeing our social media strategy. We work with some incredibly proficient partners, internally and externally, and I’m their main point of contact to help ensure we maximise every opportunity.

How did you get into the industry?
Bringing something new and exciting to the industry has been a goal of mine for a number of years now. I have always wanted to experiment with a food concept. While London’s food scene appears to be quite rich, I believed there was a genuine gap for what we now offer at Tru: fast, healthy food and specialty coffee.

What’s your favourite part of your working day?
The lunch hour as that’s when Tru is the busiest. I love this time because it gives us a chance to interact with our customers and find out what they think about us. We love getting feedback and tweaking our proposition to meet customers’ needs. Being innovative is a key value at Tru and that’s something we will continue to focus on.

And your least favourite?
Evenings after we close. I like seeing us in action.

What’s your favourite food and beverage?
It has to be shakshouka for breakfast with a cortado, and bangkok rice poké with a gardener salad and our cold-pressed Recharge juice for lunch. I sometimes like having a lemon and courgette cake in the evening.

And your least favourite?
It would have to be the lamb stew. It’s actually one of our best-sellers, but I personally just don’t like eating lamb.

What is the biggest factor currently affecting the industry?
The big three would have to be rising costs, uncertainty about Brexit and technology.

What one piece of advice would you offer someone working in the industry?
You have to take the time to listen to what your customers really want.