What is the discount sweet spot?
Research has revealed that 30% is the magic number when it comes to using discounts to drive diners through the door in January. A survey from HGEM into driving footfall says that 30% is the sweet spot for all generations other than baby boomers.

What more can we take away?
Consumer restaurant spend declined by 5.2% in November 2019, while takeaways and fast food transactions saw a rise of 11.4%. As the colder weather and longer nights arrived, it seems diners took advantage of food delivery apps over venturing out for a meal.

Food hall fad, says restaurants
While some may argue that new dining hall concepts have changed the face of the London dining scene, a new report has shown that traditional restaurants still reign supreme, with over 40% of those surveyed citing restaurants as their favourite way to eat.

Health foods in hot demand
Over half of diners would like more meat-free options when eating out, with 71% seeking healthier meals. The findings come from a report by Nestlé Professional, entitled Balancing Plates: Navigating consumer dining demands in 2020, which surveyed 1,000 consumers in the UK.

Climate change top for teens
Nearly two thirds (63%) of 11- to 18-year-olds say climate change is one of the most important issues facing the country. The finds come from a new YouGov survey to find out if eating habits were changing among teenagers in response to growing concerns around meat and climate change.

Spoilt for choice
The number of trademarks registered for beer in the UK hit a record high last year, jumping 6% to 2,519, up from 2,372 in 2017. The continued boom in demand for craft beer and an increased range of low-alcohol beers has driven the number of trademark registrations up.