Sheffield coffee shop is most Instagrammed independent

Sheffield coffee shop is most Instagrammed independent

Steam Yard in Sheffield has been named the most Instagrammed independent coffee shop in the UK. The claim comes after new data was released by Shredall SDS Group outlining the 10 most popular outlets in the UK by the number of posts about them on the social media platform.

The winner will no doubt come as a surprise to many London-based coffee aficionados, with Steam Yard being the subject of some 8,345 posts. Nestled away in Aberdeen Court, it is a cosy establishment that is best known for its delicious doughnuts and coffee.

More predictably, London was the number one city overall. The three most popular independent coffee shops in the capital – Palm Vaults, Prufrock Coffee, and Maison Bertaux – have an average of 5,337 posts about them.

As well as achieving widespread popularity on social media, many of the independent coffee shops analysed as part of this research have made commitments to reduce their impact on the environment. Their initiatives include promises to source their coffee in sustainable ways and use cups that are easily recyclable.

The top ten venues in the UK are:
Steam Yard in Sheffield (8,345 posts)
Palm Vaults in London (8,171)
Maison Bertaux in London (5,832)
Laynes Espresso in Leeds (2,739)
Full Court Press – Speciality Coffee in Bristol (2,476)
Wired Cafe Bar in Nottingham (2,111)
Prufrock Coffee in London (2,009)
Papii in Edinburgh (1,280)
6 Degrees Coffee House in Leicester (1,250)
10. Deacon’s House Coffee in Edinburgh (1,191)