Towards the end of April, I was fortunate enough to attend the Arena Savoy Lecture. Not only was this a great networking opportunity, but I had the chance to interview Pret A Manger’s CEO, Pano Christou.

The interview, which you’ll find on page 12, focuses on Pano’s lead as CEO and the global expansion of Pret. While Pret is found on every corner of London, it was interesting to learn how their reach doesn’t extend much further than that throughout smaller towns in the UK. And with so many global openings, the brand is set to open more stores internationally than locally for the second year in a row.

Pano has over 20 years of experience with Pret, and it’s easy to see that his career path has led him to become an understanding leader and a driver of change for the business. And while some readers might not enjoy the brand, I believe Pano’s movements towards paying over and above the minimum wage in an industry that tries its best to avoid this is honourable.

While this issue might seem like an ode to Pret – I can assure you, it’s not. It is however our annual green issue – where we focus on minimising waste and maximising efficiency (page 16). You’ll also peruse through our features on countertop and food displays (page 36), a nod to free-from feasts (page 42) and a focus on street food (page 32). Keeping in line with big brands, I pay a visit to my local Wingstop and review what might be considered the most popular chicken wing brand at the moment, read more about this on page 33.

I hope the sunshine and Bank Holidays have treated you well.