Yard Sale Pizza opens ninth shop

Yard Sale Pizza opened its ninth shop in Crofton Park last month. Yard Sale, which has built a loyal neighbourhood following over the last seven years, launched in the centre of Crofton Park in South London.

Locals can enjoy its signature menu made up of 12” and iconic 18” pizzas, including favourites such as the Holy Pepperoni, which is topped with smoky gyula pepperoni, regular pepperoni and nduja; the TSB, topped with tenderstem broccoli, pine nuts, garlic oil and parmesan; and its notorious Cheesy Garlic Bread with Marmite. It has also introduced Stuffed Crust Mondays at the new shop, offering Stuffed Crust Margheritas and Double Pepperoni pizzas once a week.

The outlet offers delivery and collection, along with a small area for dine-in. Yard Sale’s in-house delivery service is made up of its own fleet of delivery drivers and cyclists, which has been in place since its inception in 2014.

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