Little Bagel Co. opens in Bristol

Little Bagel Co. (LBC.) is bringing authentic New York hand-rolled bagels and cakes to Bristol for the first time. Specialising in freshly baked, 18-hour ferment bagels with a rotating menu taking influence from New York deli culture and the rest of the world, at least a third of the menu will be vegan and two-thirds will be suitable for veggies.

Initially leaning heavily into the delicious Jewish deli scene of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the LBC. menu will have reuben and salmon cream cheese as its headline bagels, with a vegan version of both also being available. Just as importantly, there will be top-notch coffee offering with a house blend from Fire and Flow roastery in Cirencester and guest espresso from the best roasters around the country.

Owner Wes Thompson said: “After baking bagels since the banana bread pandemic, I’m super-excited to finally be bringing my version of hand-rolled fresh New York bagels to Bristol. Having worked in cafés all my professional life, it is incredibly exciting to be opening my own.”

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