New trendsetting title available to hospitality operators

A brand-new publication has been launched for foodservice and hospitality operators, which highlights and explores key opportunities around mainstream trends. Entitled ‘Alternative to Mainstream’, the free magazine investigates topics that were once niche operational elements, but have now turned into essential inclusions within the industry.

In its launch issue, Alternative to Mainstream dives into modern-day menus, documenting the latest considerations around categories such as Plant-Based, Functional Food, Free From, Waste Management and many more.

“We’re delighted to have launched this industry-wide publication, helping pioneering operators deliver the very best offer to their guests,” said Tristan O’Hana, editorial director of H2O Publishing.

“From sustainable packaging and ethical produce to non-dairy goods and the gigantic market that is plant-based food, Alternative to Mainstream has been launched to showcase 10 dominant categories and subjects that perhaps once existed as minor trends and preferences, but have blossomed into unstoppable forces within the foundations of foodservice.”

Alternative to Mainstream is available to read for free at It will be a bi-annual title, with the second edition publishing in May 2024.

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