Street Food Championships interviews

We speak to two of the winners from our annual street food fight...

Street Food Chef of the Year: Vibhor Dayal, My Delhi Indian Streetery

Congratulations! Please tell us about your winning dish…

It's a lamb 65 dish. It's basically more about Korean flavours and more about the spices. You marinade the lamb pieces in a nice spicy chilli sauce, as well as white onions to give the sweetness to the product.

What was inspiration behind it?
Other street food vendors. We go around the country and we find a very unique type of food, a unique type of flavour. That is the method I use and I kind of get inspiration from others.

How will you celebrate your win?
I will celebrate the win the team, I am especially looking forward to enjoying it with them. I am very grateful for their support.

Did they help you with the dish beforehand?
Yes, they tried it for me and others did too. That is the best way to prepare.

What sort of dishes do you normally prepare?
At My Delhi Indian Streetery, we are a street food operator and that's what we sell in Newcastle. Our signature dish – the butter chicken loaded fries – was inspired by the people of Delhi, the Delhi street food vendors.

Finally, will we see you back here next year?
Sure, we will be again – with new dishes and new ideas.

Bloggers’ Choice: Joe Garfath, Gourmet Warriors

How does it feel to have won the Bloggers’ Choice Award?

I’m absolutely buzzing! I feel like these are the guys – I’m not discrediting the other winners and awards – but the bloggers are the guys who are setting the tone and who are in the know. They're the guys that we relate to, the ones that we like and we follow on Instagram.

Did you expect to win?
No, absolutely not. We just came here for a good time! We're a very young company and a young set-up. We just came here to enjoy ourselves, to let people see what we're about and we are delighted.

You had a bit of a technical hitch too, didn’t you?
Yeah, I made a smashed pork burger and tried to mince the pork. We had an electric mincer and it just broke the first bit of pork that I put in – the whole thing just like blew up. So I had to hand cut the pork, which took up about 80% of my whole time for all three dishes. But we got it out.

But you did it, and you also came third in Street Food Dish of the Year…
I know, absolutely amazing, incredible.

How are you going to celebrate?
Probably got a load of tinnies and drink them in the back of the car on the way back to Bristol! Shout out to all the Bristol food crew, it’s an amazing food scene and it's only been welcoming since I've started.

What do you think winning this award will do for your business?
Hopefully just help us grow, network, expand and go on to other things. I won't say bigger and better, because this is pretty big and bad! But, you know, just help us grow and go on and improve and, you know, help shine a light on what we do.

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