Refreshing new look for Princes Gate™ Water

A New Year, the same refreshing taste of Wales, but with a bold new look for Pembrokeshire’s water brand, Princes Gate, as they announce their latest brand re-fresh set to hit the shelves this month. 

The organisation that first bottled its naturally Welsh water in 1991, have aptly named its range ‘A Natural Drop Of Wales’ as they celebrate their Welsh heritage and quality. 

The creative yet simple representation of the natural process that produces the water, with the backdrop depicting the beautiful hills of Pembrokeshire, in the surrounding landscape, lend themselves well to the essence of the brand and all it stands for; provenance, heritage, and its duty of care towards protecting it. 

Of the brand re-fresh Sam Atkinson, Head of Sales & Marketing at Princes Gate, said “this is an exciting time for Princes Gate and we’re thrilled to reveal the brand re-fresh and all that it encapsulates. We’re known to be a passionate bunch and we were keen to ensure that this new look really celebrates our heritage, our source and our ‘home’ and I’m so pleased with the result.” 

Sustainability sits at the heart of Princes Gate and they are passionate about reducing their impact on the environment. Projects to date have included the launch of bottles made 100% from other bottles (excluding cap and label), powering the factory using renewable electricity (including that produced on site through their own wind turbine and solar PV) and  improving biodiversity on their site which includes planting a wildflower meadow, re-establishing a natural pond and introducing bee hives! 

Their mission to reduce their carbon footprint hasn’t stopped and they now have their sights set on nothing less than Net Zero by 2050. 

Promoting better well-being and healthy lifestyles have also been integral to the Princes Gate brand and this is set to continue. Princes Gate has been a big supporter of all sports throughout Wales and beyond over the last two decades, with grassroots sport in particular being central to their partnerships and the Princes Gate brand ethos. These partnerships include the Welsh Rugby Union (and all regions), Football Association of Wales, Ironman Wales and Cardiff City FC.

It is expected that the new design will start to hit the shelves by the end of January. 

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