Plan for the peaks in demand

Out-of-home operators typically face daily peaks of high demand, and need to ensure that their systems are up to the task. 

Phil Neale, managing director of Hospitality EPOS specialist Tabology, says: “Whether it’s a hot drink on the go with their loyalty card topped up, a lunchtime sandwich with exactly the filling they’ve been thinking about all morning, or a tailored takeaway with all the right toppings, customers have high expectations and operators need to be equipped to deal with the busiest trading periods.

“Out-of-date EPOS, or multiple systems that don’t communicate properly, can create bottlenecks at the busiest times.Having one system to take bookings, another to receive orders online or via app, and yet another to record sales and take payments, all has the potential to hold things up.”

Integrated systems, like the Tabology Café or Restaurant EPOS suite, are solving this problem and showing operators how simple the whole customer journey can be, from booking or advance ordering, through to service, and then marketing and loyalty schemes.

The intuitive, easy-to-use EPOS system saves time on every order. Operators can also integrate mobile ordering or click & collect options with the EPOS, meaning staff don’t have to duplicate work by keying orders from one system to another, keeping them focused on customer service, with all the sales tracked in one place.

When a new recipe is uploaded, whether it’s a sandwich, pizza or smoothie, the Tabology back office automatically calculates recipe costs and projected GPs, saving on the time needed to produce complicated costings spreadsheets.

Phil adds: “The system automatically updates when a product is sold, and will calculate what needs to be ordered to get stock levels back up to PAR. 

“The key piece of advice we’d offer operators is to consider how much time their busy staff spend having to move between systems and duplicating effort. A single, seamless system frees the business to focus where it really matters, on front-line customer service.” 

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