What to Look for in Your Next Coffee Machine?

The out of home coffee sector continues to grow. With over 95 million cups served in the UK daily, coffee is an important offering for all hospitality businesses. But with such a vast array of options, what should you look out for? Here Gaggia share 5 key tips for anyone looking to invest in their next coffee machine.

Traditional Espresso Machine or Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Machine?

Traditional coffee machines offer baristas the ability to show their skill in perfecting the espresso as well as the latte art. On the other hand, bean to cup machines offer convenience – there’s less training needed to operate them, and greater consistency between baristas. Depending on the model, traditional machines often require a lower initial outlay and require less in the way of daily maintenance.

Ease of Use

A great coffee shop can handle many customers all at once, even during peak periods. Gaggia’s traditional machines have been designed to be simple to use, with a host of features that make the barista’s life easier – from ergonomic levers to cool to touch steam wands.

Bean to cup machines with touchscreen menus mean that the barista can choose the required drink at the touch of the screen. Some bean to cup machines are even able to serve two drinks simultaneously, to maximise throughput and speed of service.

Expert Support

Local service is crucial to any outlet. Gaggia’s nationwide network of partners are specialists in their field. From determining the right machine, to setup and ongoing maintenance, the real value will be buying a machine from someone who knows it as well as the manufacturer. It doesn’t end at the sales stage – from tips for keeping your machine in top order, or arranging planned maintenance, the long term relationship you’ll get from Gaggia’s partners means you’ll minimise downtime.

The Perfect Cup Every Time

Ultimately, success, and repeat customer business, boils down to the flavour of the drink. And this becomes very easy with the quality of Gaggia’s professional coffee machines. The precision build means consistently extracting the best flavour and aroma from the coffee beans.

Your choice will be dictated by your personal preferences, however all Gaggia machines guarantee satisfied customers. For more information on the full Gaggia range, please visit https://gaggiaprofessional.evocagroup.com/