Deliveroo launches LGBTQIA+ initiative this Pride Month

This Pride Month, Deliveroo is launching The Open Kitchen - an opportunity for aspiring LGBTQIA+ chefs to be mentored by leading talent from the community

In a new initiative from the delivery app, The Open Kitchen welcomes up-and-coming chef talent from the LGBTQIA+ community into the culinary world. 

It aims to teach LGBTQIA+ members the skills and techniques needed to create delicious dishes - before serving them to the public via Deliveroo.

The Open Kitchen wants to increase representation in commercial kitchens across the UK. 

Research has shown that underrepresentation of the LGBTQIA+ community is one of the industry’s biggest issues, with two thirds (64%) of LGBTQIA+ hospitality workers surveyed saying it’s not talked about enough within the business.

Statistics speak

The majority (81%) of the community admit that in previous or current hospitality jobs, they’ve been the only openly LGBTQIA+ person, and only 56% say they feel they can be their true self working in the industry.

Meanwhile, 61% said they would not feel confident entering a workplace environment in which their community is underrepresented.

So, on 5th and 6th June in London, Deliveroo will open the doors to The Open Kitchen, where professional chefs from LGBTQIA+ owned Deliveroo partners, The Athenian and Nanny Bill’s, will mentor and provide a nurturing and supportive space to budding LGBTQIA+ culinary talent across the two days.

The Open Kitchen

Trainee chefs will participate in a hands-on masterclass, where they will learn how to cook up dishes inspired by the restaurants’ iconic menus, including The Athenian’s Chicken Gyros Wrap and Courgette Fritters, and Nanny Bill’s The Dalston Dip and Aggy Fries. Dishes from The Open Kitchen will then be made available to purchase exclusively via Deliveroo in London.

Customers can choose from a special menu, featuring dishes inspired by cult-favourites from The Athenian and Nanny Bill’s. Dishes start at £4.95, with all proceeds going directly to the Open Kitchen Fund.

The Open Kitchen initiative was developed in collaboration with Queers in Food and Beverage, a network linking LGBTQIA+ people who work in the hospitality industry. The organisation connected Deliveroo with up-and-coming chefs wanting to refine their skills and progress in the industry.

The new initiative also marks the launch of Deliveroo’s Open Kitchen Fund, which aims to further contribute to improving LGBTQIA+ representation in the hospitality industry by sponsoring aspiring talent in culinary training. In the fund’s inaugural year, all sales from The Open Kitchen restaurant will go towards the Open Kitchen Fund, to support five members of the community from all over the UK in pursuing their own career in restaurants. Deliveroo will also match the total sales from The Open Kitchen restaurant as an additional donation.

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