Rules to ban new takeaways in Newcastle approved

29.1% of children in Newcastle are overweight or obese, compared to the 22.7% average across England

In an effort to combat growing obesity rates in the city, new takeaways will be banned from opening across most of Newcastle. 

Councillors have approved a major crackdown on hot food takeaways across the city, imposing strict limits on where they can be located. 

The restrictions, approved on Monday 18th June by the Newcastle City Council, outline that no new fast food joints will be allowed to set up in wards where more than 10% of year six pupils are obese. 

This currently covers every part of the city, excluding the suburbs of Gosforth and South Jesmond. 

Finer details

Takeaways will be banned from opening within 400 meters or a 10-minute walk of schools, parks and community centres, as well as in wards where takeaways volume exceeds the UK average. 

The new rules will be in force everywhere in Newcastle, other than its retail core in the heart of the city centre. It will also apply to both new-build and change-of-use planning applications. 

Last year figures where published that showed 47% of children in Walker were overweight or obese, compared to just 18.9% located a few miles away in North Jesmond. Showcasing that the greater concern is in the more deprived areas of Newcastle. 

Councillor Karen Kilgour, the council’s deputy leader, said that "The crackdown would help cut costs to the health and social care system in years to come, as well as helping combat weight and health inequality issues in the city now."

The impact of school children being exposed to unhealthy food has been a topic of controversy in Newcastle over recent years. Plans to open a McDonald's near Kenton School and a Burger King on Westgate Road prompted backlash from the local community. 

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