The campaign uses menus from two fictitious venues to vividly illustrate the mental health challenges faced in hospitality

A not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to improving mental health in hospitality has launched its new 'Change the Menu' campaign.

The initiative, designed to drive recruitment in the industry, aims to highlight the significant impact the charity, The Burnt Chef Project, is making through its free-to-access services and advocacy for improved working environments in hospitality. 

To stimulate recruitment and retention across the sector, wellbeing must be placed front and centre. With this in mind, the charity aims to change perceptions of the industry, positioning it as a career of choice rather than a stopgap. 

World Wellbeing Week

Developed in collaboration with creatives Max Ettinger and Dylan Burnside, the Change the Menu campaign has been rolled out in conjunction with World Wellbeing Week from 24–30 June.

The campaign will be featured across The Burnt Chef Project's digital platforms and through out-of-home advertisements in key locations across London and Bristol throughout the week. 

The campaign uses menus from two fictitious venues – The Struggle Inn and The Witts End – to vividly illustrate the mental health challenges faced in hospitality. The 'menus' highlight issues such as antisocial hours, lack of management training, anxiety and depression. In a powerful transformation, these 'dishes' are replaced with a new and improved menu featuring supportive structures, mental health training and a better work-life balance. 

"Our goal with 'Change the Menu' is to raise awareness about the mental health challenges in the hospitality industry and to promote the solutions that The Burnt Chef Project is providing," says the charity's founder, Kris Hall.

"We want to drive home the message that a healthier, more supportive work environment is not just necessary but possible. By changing the 'menu' of what the industry serves its workers, we can create a more sustainable and positive career path for hospitality professionals."

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