Street food focus: Market Place Peckham

Henry Norman visits the street food specialist’s latest site...

As regular readers will know, Market Place recently opened a new south east London-based site. Adding to the three markets it already runs in the capital, the latest one sits right on the high street in pukka Peckham.

The latest Place’s space is markedly different from its nearest outlet in Vauxhall, as it’s all much squarer, both literally and figuratively. Whereas the latter is situated in a tunnel under a railway arch predominately populated by afterwork drinkers, the set-up here has hatches running down both sides with a bar facing you at the end, while the clientele feel is much more familial.

The traders themselves are evidently of high quality, with established favourites such as Argentinian Grill and Baba G’s being present and correct. Having reviewed – and very much enjoyed – both previously, though, the search is on for something new and exciting.

On this front, I am immediately drawn to HuliHuli’s Hawaiian offer, and more specifically its chicken sandwich (£9.50). When tasted in isolation with just the bun, the pulled poultry is a tad dry, but this is easily remedied by the addition of the (very) hot sauce, the spice of which contrasts perfectly with the sweet from the grilled pineapple. This range of flavours elevates it from being a mere novelty try to a genuinely delightful dish.

Moving next door, Krapow’s Buttermilk Thai fried chicken burger (£10) similarly pastes the patty in sriracha mayo then lays on loads of satisfyingly crunchy herb slaw. Though this US/Asian fusion is extremely tasty, especially for the price with the addition of fries for just £3 more, HuliHuli ultimately wins this heat, mainly on the basis of its superior sauce.

While a little empty and lacking in energy on our visit, this new market remains a welcome addition to Peckham’s already thriving foodie scene. For the time being, however, when it comes to south east London anyway, Vauxhall remains the Place to be.

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