McDonald’s opens new £38m bakery

McDonald’s UK and Ireland and Guenther Bakeries UK recently opened a new bakery in Coventry, which will create fresh buns exclusively for the former’s iconic burgers.

The brand-new site reflects a £38m investment by McDonald’s and Guenther. This includes a £20m investment in cutting-edge technology, a crucial factor in enabling the facility to bake up to 1.1m buns a day, which places it among the fastest production lines in Europe.

Guenther is a long-standing partner of McDonald’s and has supplied its restaurants with buns for over 18 years, both in the UK and Irish market and globally. The new bakery, the company’s sixth European site, will create 72,000 buns an hour solely for McDonald’s restaurants.

Beth Hart, vice president, supply chain for McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said: “The opening of our new bakery in Coventry is a brilliant moment for our business and will help us to better serve our customers with quality buns for their favourite burgers. We’re proud of the longstanding relationships we have with our suppliers like Guenther Bakeries, and investing in innovation like the new site in Coventry is an excellent example of the exciting work we’re achieving together.”

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