McDonald’s introduces new McSpicy

Bringing you the new McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot.

McDonald’s is ready to test your taste buds once again, joining forces with Frank’s RedHot to switch up its McSpicy game and create the hottest drop of the year – The McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot. The new collaboration has created a burger that packs a hot and spicy 100% chicken breast fillet in a crispy coating, served with lettuce, Emmental cheese, jalapenos, onions and the unique Frank’s RedHot Mayo, all in a sesame seed bun.

Thomas O’Neil, head of menu for McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said: “We know how much our customers love spice, and were blown away by the reaction to the McSpicy since it first launched as a limited-edition back in July 2021, growing to a permanent resident on our main menu.

“This collaboration with Frank’s RedHot gave us such an exciting opportunity to build on an already iconic product and create something genuinely spicy but also delicious that we know both McDonald’s and Frank’s RedHot customers will love. We’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction.”

It is available throughout the UK and Ireland from today (7th February). It’ll only be around for a limited six weeks, though, and for as long as stocks last.

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